If you’re here, it’s because we have something in common: We both have your wedding to plan.

And weddings get me crazy excited—I love the details that go into each one, helping select the perfect vendors for each couple, keeping that budget in line, personalizing every aspect of décor… But mostly I love the relationships I get to build with my clients throughout their planning journey. What an honor it is to be trusted to orchestrate the plans we’ve labored over together.

Oh, and my favorite part of the wedding day? Always the vows. If there’s anybody tearing up during the ceremony, it’s THIS girl.

Let me say this: I genuinely believe that building a close relationship with my clients is as wonderful as it is necessary for the success of their wedding. This kind of relationship builds trust, facilitates clear communication, and it gets me personally invested in how perfectly the day goes.

 And if there’s any vendor you hire who should be personally invested in your wedding day, it should be your Coordinator.

I am here to be real with you too…wedding planning is no small task and requires courage for engaged couples to take on such a huge project. YES, wedding planning can be overwhelming and complicated, which is why you’re here, but it can be an incredible, wonderful experience if you do it with the right people! (The amazing vendor team I’ll help you create!)

So here’s what you can expect when you hire me:

-         Peace of mind—I’ve got your wedding handled.

-         An endless resource—I am prepared to point you in the best direction regarding anything Wedding-Related.

-         A professional consultant—I am here to navigate you through tricky budgeting decisions, complicated vendor contracts, Itinerary and floor plan creation, whether to let your guests invite plus-one’s…

-         A good friend—I am available to talk you through the challenges you may experience while planning, such as uncomfortable conversations with family, wedding party drama, opinions differing from your fiancé, stress-management, your inner-Bridezilla…

-         Your biggest cheer-leader—I won’t just guide you through the struggle of wedding planning, I’ll also be here to celebrate with you as you check big tasks off your To-Do List, successfully navigate hard choices, personally grow as humans, and have the best time ever being engaged, too.

Do you see why I’m so STOKED to be a wedding planner?

Have I made you excited about planning your big day yet?

If so, I can’t wait to meet you. Let’s chat!

My Call to Action

As a human, my perspectives on life, weddings, and my job are constantly growing. I love it! But here’s where I’m at with it all right now.

1)     I look at wedding planning as a beautiful opportunity for my clients to grow together and as individuals throughout the process. Wedding planning is full of decision-making, interesting challenges, and a lot of fun (yeah, don’t even try to convince me that cake tasting isn’t THE BEST because it is). I consider it my job to help my clients look at wedding-related “problems” as opportunities for growth instead.

2)    As the leader of your Wedding Team, I am an advocate for them as well as for you. I believe it is my job as a wedding planner to ensure your vendors have the information and tools they need to do their jobs well on your wedding day. Obviously, I will encourage you to hire professionals who can do a spectacular job on their own, but when hiccups occur--and believe me, they do--I strive to be there to help them troubleshoot. I believe good leadership requires willingness to work hard alongside the team, resolve conflicts as they arise, offer clear communication, and give direction without micromanaging your vendors...they are professionals after all. My job on your wedding day is not just "a typical workday" but your wedding day, which means every issue that threatens the success of it will be treated as an emergency that I will encourage your team to go above and beyond to resolve...before you even notice anything happened! 

3)    It’s important for us to remember that we are all just people. A massive part of our work together is comprised of, well, talking, and it is totally possible that somewhere throughout our relationship we may misunderstand the other or hurt the other’s feelings. I would hate to find out only in a review you write after your wedding that I caused conflict I was not aware of, which could have been resolved much sooner! To keep us as focused on planning your wedding, I will do my best to maintain an atmosphere of clear communication, mutual respect, and freedom to honestly express our thoughts and feelings.

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My Work Policies

I approach my job as though I am not working for clients, but with them. After all, without understanding your vision and consulting with you on important issues as they arise, it will be difficult for me to plan your wedding knowing that I have made the right decisions. To ensure we fulfill your wedding dreams, our planning relationship should be rich with communication and a spirit of collaboration. We're a team! You make the decisions, I'll make them happen.

While I will absolutely look over your contracts with other vendors as they are being considered, I do not sign contracts on my clients' behalf. Clients are fully responsible for vendors they hire to work alongside of me. 

I gladly accept payment via cash, check, or Square.

Photo Credit: KindredWeddings.co

Photo Credit: KindredWeddings.co

"MaKenna is five stars all around. She had a hand in shaping our two-day wedding into one epic celebration. First off, MaKenna is organized, communicative, flexible and she has a strong attention to detail. These are all characteristics you have to have in a wedding coordinator. My fiance and I met with MaKenna multiple times leading up to our wedding. At each meeting, MaKenna asked lots of questions, listened even more and took copious notes. I could trust that she had our best interest in mind. She asked enough questions that she could anticipate any potential issues on the day of. That's how you build trust with your clients. Our two-day extravaganza went down flawlessly thanks to MaKenna. I was able to relax and fully enjoy each moment because I could trust that she knew the schedule, who was supposed to be where, and that all the guests were happy. She was making things happen behind the scenes with confidence and grace. No easy feat over 2 days and 120 guests each night. Don't hesitate to hire her. I would, again."

~ Tolu P.

"MaKenna made our wedding day, rehearsal, and months of planning an absolute dream. I can honestly say I wasn’t stressed out once. She is organized, dedicated, hard working and so sweet. Being a bride that didn’t have a lot of specificities about the day except having a lot of greenery she made the whole day look like it came straight out of a fairytale. If you want your day as special as mine was I would definitely recommend MaKenna. She is passionate about making your wedding the best day of your life."

~ Tina P.

"If you are looking for a competent, highly organized, emotionally intelligent wedding planner, look no farther. My wife and I originally were going to try to handle the planning ourselves since we thought our wedding would be “simple” enough. However, I can say with confidence that she was worth every penny. From the meetings and detailed checklists and ground plans, to regular reminders, to the huge peace of mind on the big day when you know you have nothing to fear for you are in good hands. 10/10 would recommend."

~ Grant E.

"Working with MaKenna to plan my wedding has been a dream. 
When thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator, I hoped to find someone who would help me stick to a schedule and understand the vision I had for my wedding. MaKenna has far exceeded these expectations. She worked with my fiance and I to create a checklist month by months that was easy to follow and low stress. She is full of creative ideas but is also respectful to my opinions, visions, and most importantly, the budget! I would recommend MaKenna to any bride or groom in need of a helping hand to plan their wedding."

~ Debbie W.

“MaKenna is the best planner! She made our wedding dreams come true. She is very personable, dedicated, hard-working, and so much fun to work with. MaKenna went above and beyond in the planning process and got every task completed efficiently. She made herself available each time we had any questions or concerns and even joined our online meetings with vendors at last minute notice. We had too many decorations, lawn games, and DIY items to fit in our car. MaKenna helped pack our items in her car to take to the wedding venue. There is no way our wedding would have come together so perfectly without her!”

~ Danielle L.

"MaKenna was awesome to work with throughout our entire wedding process. Although she was only our day-of coordinator, she met with us monthly starting more than 6 months before the wedding. She is super organized and on top of everything. On our wedding day, she made everything run very smoothly and was there from start to finish. It helped us relax and actually enjoy the whole day. We loved working with MaKenna!"

~ Debbie S.

"While MaKenna has been pursuing her wedding planning and coordination business for a year and a half at full throttle, her poise and professionalism makes it seem as though she has 20 years of experience in the business! She has a calming demeanor that is exactly what I needed as a stressed bride with a busy job and little time to plan my own wedding. We started working with her a year before our event and she was there to help coach us every step of the way as questions arose. She returns emails, texts and phone calls promptly, puts care into every bit of communication, and anticipates bride/groom needs in a way that's nothing short of impressive. Due to my husband and I's planning, we actually ran out of booze the first few hours of our wedding. But fear not! MaKenna guided our staffing team to make a Safeway run during the event, informed us (the bride/groom) of the extra purchase so it wasn't a shocker later, and our guests never even noticed. That's one of many examples of how MaKenna knows how to solve a problem without it ever turning into an issue. I also wanted to point out that she's great in handling varied bride-groom opinions. My husband and I didn't agree on some things throughout our wedding planning process and every time we had differing opinions in front of MaKenna, she calmly suggested solutions that met both of our concerns or pointed out if something didn't need to be discussed further, i.e. move on to the bigger ticket items vs. over-discussing details. I appreciated this as it helped us with momentum in our planning. I'm super confident that MaKenna's business will continue to thrive in the years to come! Thanks, MaKenna! We truly couldn't have done this without you."

~ Laura V.