If you’re here, it’s because we have something in common: We’re both going to plan your wedding!

Weddings get me crazy excited—I genuinely enjoy the process of creating a seamlessly organized, uniquely personalized wedding, and my favorite part of that process is always the relationships I get to build with my clients along the way. I believe that there is HUGE (and often overlooked) value and potential for connection during the beautiful chaos of wedding planning…

Connection over the hundreds of details we will set in order together, the many emotional decisions we will dance through using common sense, and the inside jokes we will no-doubt share by the time your wedding day comes around. This is a relationship we are building not just to get you through the planning process in better shape than you came in, but to ensure that you really trust me to make your wedding day happen like we planned. Guuurl, we’re gonna be friends.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me:

-         Peace of mind—Together, we’ve got your wedding handled.

-         An endless resource—I am prepared to point you in the best direction regarding anything wedding-related.

-         A professional consultant—I am here to navigate you through tricky budgeting decisions, complicated vendor contracts, Itinerary and floor plan creation, whether to offer your full guest list a plus-one…

-         A good friend—I am available to talk you through the challenges you may experience while planning, such as uncomfortable conversations with family, wedding party drama, opinions differing from your fiancé, stress-management, your inner-Bridezilla…

-         Your biggest cheer-leader—I won’t just guide you through the struggle of wedding planning, I’ll also be here to celebrate with you as you check big tasks off your To-Do List, successfully navigate hard choices, personally grow as humans, and have the best time ever being engaged, too.

To me, this is the epitome of #Ilovemyjob.

Wanna be friends? Let’s chat!

See me in action! Check out one of my fave 2018 weddings below.

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