Hey there! My name is MaKenna, the owner of Perfectly Planned Moments. I'm sure we'll get to know each other during our first consultation, but while you're here I'll tell you a little about me...

I love: Relationships. Parties. Family. My high school sweetheart. Coffee. (Like wow, you have no idea how much I love coffee.)

I believe in: Love. God. Authenticity. Hard work. Constant growth. Supporting small businesses. That you can be anyone and do anything you want if you put enough effort into it. 

How I got here: A long time ago, little 8-year-old MaKenna threw her parents a surprise anniversary party. She secretly called up her relatives from her little address book and told them when to arrive, where to show up, and what food to bring, told her parents to leave the house while she secretly decorated and had everyone arrive, and then surprised her (very dumbfounded) parents with a special get-together that her family still jokes about today. 

...Since then, I've gotten more experience in the wedding industry itself. I've worked in catering, wedding gown design, high-end florals, event rentals, photography (magazine submission), and I have experience with cake decorating as well. (I was also a barista somewhere in there...) After working in all of these areas, it would be crazy NOT to move in the direction of wedding planning, right? I interned for a Wedding Planner, got certified as a Wedding and Event Planner through QC Event School, and then started Perfectly Planned Moments in 2016. Such a fun time, and I'm still learning every single day how to be a better business owner, wedding planner, and human. 

What’s my favorite part of the wedding day? Always the vows. If there’s anybody tearing up during the ceremony, it’s THIS girl.

What Inspired me to Become a Wedding Planner? Contrary to popular suggestion, I was NOT inspired by "The Wedding Planner" (none of this "Just like J Lo" business, guys). I actually grew interested in weddings after watching "27 Dresses."

This has been real fun, but I'd love to learn more about YOU now! Drop me a line below and we'll schedule a chat!

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PC Janeane Marie Photography

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