You might be my favorite kind of client if you are . . .

  • Trusting, assertive, decisive (You know what you want and you trust that I’ll help you get it.)

  • Creative, self-expressive (Let’s put your personality into your wedding styling!)

  • Guest-comfort focused. Your dearest friends and family are coming to your wedding to honor your union. Let’s thank them for their presence in your lives and at your wedding by making sure they’re well-fed and accommodated for. (AKA the amazing party you’re dreaming about!)

  • Excited about the personal growth you will experience with your partner during the planning process. (Seriously, it is awesome.)

  • Totally, madly in love with your partner (It’s what we’re celebrating, after all!)

. . . Is this you? If so, I think we are about to be best friends! 

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Full Wedding Planning and Coordination ~ $4000 ($500 Discount Applied)

This package involves me in your planning process from start to finish, and allows me to complete hours of both initial and last-minute legwork on your behalf. From researching vendors that fit your style and budget and presenting these options to you to choose from, to communicating with Deer Park Villa’s staff and filling out typical paperwork last-minute so you don’t have to worry about it, I am here to guide you through the process so you end up with an organized, personalized and stress-free wedding.

I spend 150+ hours on each wedding I plan, and save my clients countless hours by offering them the best options and solutions from the beginning. I have been involved in over a dozen weddings at Deer Park Villa and have worked with almost 100% of their Preferred Vendors.

- We will have monthly in-person or video Consultations (1-3 hours long) starting up to 18 months prior to your wedding date. This includes up to 2 Venue Walk-through’s. We can also spread a few of these consultations out so we can begin planning earlier. These consultations are where the real planning happens—we go over your Planning Checklist, discuss vendor options, and I answer any questions you might have, be it about planning logistics, wedding party drama, stress-management, or decision-making conflict between the couple.

- You will be given a personalized 12-month Wedding Planning Check-List, which we will go over during our consultations. This Check-List lists everything you’d ever need to consider when planning a wedding, and was adapted from my Wedding Planning Certification Course.

- You will have access to me via phone, email, and text. The majority of planning gets done via email. It is not uncommon to have 100+ email threads between my clients and I by the time their wedding rolls around. These emails will serve to document the work we’ve done, the agreements made between us and vendors, inspiration photos from your Pinterest board… You name it!

- You will have access to my Preferred Vendors List, and the discounts that they offer. Many of the vendors on my Preferred Vendors List have worked at DPV before. I choose only the best and most professional vendors to recommend to my clients, and I do not accept any commissions or “kickbacks” from anyone. Rather, if they want to offer me something for referring them, I ask them to offer my clients discounted rates.

- I will help you research and choose your vendors. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on my Preferred Vendors List, I will conduct research to find more high quality vendor options to recommend that fit your style and budget. I am happy to reach out to those you are interested in on your behalf to gather more information before you make a decision. I even provide lists of questions to ask each type of vendor during your initial interview so you can make an educated decision. Once we’ve landed on some vendor options you are seriously considering, I will proof-read their contracts to ensure their terms and conditions reflect professional and reliable work.

- I will join you and your vendors for phone consultations (pending availability). I am happy to just listen in on the call and offer feedback afterwards, or plan and lead the conversation on your behalf if you don’t quite know what to ask.

- I will be coordinating and collaborating with your vendors to ensure they have the information they need to do their jobs. If I haven’t worked with them before, I’ll introduce myself and ask and answer applicable questions. Often vendors send questionnaires to be filled out before the wedding. I always try to fill these out as much as I can before my clients begin working on it, since many of the items on these questionnaires are vendor info- and schedule-related. I always leave preference-related questions (such as “What are your favorite detail shots you’ve seen on Pinterest that you want included in your photo album?” unless I happen to know the answer).

- I will help you create and manage your Wedding Budget. I have a special budget template I plug my clients’ budgets into at the beginning of the planning process, and I break it down into vendor categories based on my clients’ priorities and the average vendor cost in the city of the venue so that my clients understand how much they can expect to spend on each vendor. We will discuss this in greater detail at our first consultation when we set priorities.

- I will save you time by researching and designing cohesive decor ideas. For instance, if you know your style is Bohemian and Art-deco fusion, but don’t know how to incorporate it into your decor, that’s when I come in. My experience + trends of the year that I’m seeing + Pinterest will have us brainstorming together in no time.

- Vendor payment reminders. I’ll comb through each vendor’s contract and take note of their payment schedules and email you payment reminders as they come up.

- I will help you design your personalized wedding itineraries, floor plans, planning spreadsheets, and seating charts. When you first book with me, I will send you a Google Sheet full of templates that we will gradually fill out during the planning process as decisions are considered and finalized. By the last month of wedding planning, we will have finalized your Wedding Itinerary based on your venue specifics, vendor arrival and departure times, the unique details (First Look, Donut Wall, Bouquet Toss, Shoe Game, etc.), and all set up and tear down logistics. I will have created digital Floor Plans of your venue layout complete with tables, chairs, and all other furniture involved in set up, that will be shareable with other relevant vendors. We’ll have finalized your guest Seating Chart together based on RSVP’s. We’ll have every spreadsheet necessary listing out the logistics of your wedding from the Ceremony Processional Line-Up to the inventory of the decor you’re bringing the day of.

- I will confirm with your vendors and wedding party the week of your wedding to make sure we are all set to go! I know just what to confirm so no detail falls through the cracks, and you won’t have to worry about this last-minute.

- I'll coordinate your rehearsal with your officiant and wedding party. This typically takes place the day before your wedding and is almost always complete within an hour. Many venues let wedding parties rehearse on site, but this isn’t necessary. All I need is a big open space such as a public park, you and your wedding party and officiant, and one hour of y’all’s time!

- Of course, I'll be at your venue bright and early to oversee your entire wedding day. I am the first vendor to show up on your wedding day and the last to leave. I am there to set up your Welcome Table, make sure the venue staff follows the Floor Plan, accept rental deliveries, direct your vendors through set up, greet guests as they arrive, line the wedding party up and cue them down the aisle, direct the caterer through cocktail hour, move the Ceremony Archway Arrangement to the Head Table as necessary, release guest tables to the buffet, give those who are giving toasts a 10 minute heads up and coordinate each toast with the DJ, hand them the mic when they’re ready, and tell the bar exactly when to begin popping champagne bottles, let the couple know when it’s time to cut the cake and toss the bouquet and line up for the glow-stick exit, and hand vendors their tip envelopes at the end of the night. I am checking in with the couple throughout the day to make sure everything is going well, and troubleshoot things when necessary. I have sewn buttons on dresses, whipped up extra boutonnieres, and re-bustled wedding dresses that have been torn. I am accounting for, adjusting and troubleshooting hundreds of items on your wedding day that you may not even find out about until after your wedding is over, whether it’s giving your DJ an emergency extension cord or helping a sick guest who’s had too much to drink to the bathroom with some Advil. Trust me: your wedding is in good hands!

- You’ll have access to my Emergency Kit, containing over 100 items. This is where I store my sewing kit, my extension cord, my Advil, my floral tape for those emergency boutonnieres, along with other things such as deodorant, bobby pins, stain-remover, twine, pliers, sharpies, allergy medication, tampons, an extra tablecloth, an emergency wedding ring, and so. much. more. This kit is my pride and joy. It never lets me down.

- I am here to advise you on every question you will have along the way, and make your wedding dreams come true! I am here to invest my time and efforts into your big day! If I can’t answer one of your questions I will research it and get back to you. I love my job, and consider each wedding I book to be an opportunity to become better at it.


So, how does all this work?

I use technology as much as I can to plan and communicate because it is the most efficient process, and because it is similar to how most vendors communicate, making collaboration easy. While meetings in person will be pivotal during our process, keeping me in the loop with your vendor email conversations and contracts—signed or not—and checking your email for my consultation follow-ups (which are uh-mazing for keeping the planning conversation going!) is important. It’s how you’ll get the most out of your planning experience with me. I handle email on a daily basis, and I invest time and love into being detail-oriented, on top of it, light-hearted, and visual with my email communication to all of my clients (that’s you!)

Tools I use to plan weddings:

  • Email

  • Google Sheets and Google Docs

  • Google Hangouts (for video consultations)

  • Microsoft Word

  • HelloSign

  • AllSeated

  • Pinterest

  • The good, old-fashioned telephone for phone calls and texting

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Okay, I’m ready to book…what’s next?

Send me an email to let me know! I will send you a digital contract to sign and we’ll discuss how you’d like me to invoice your 50% deposit. I gladly accept payments via cash, check or Square. Once that’s taken care of, we’ll start the onboarding process and get to work!

Contact MaKenna at: | (510) 402-8774