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A Beautiful May Wedding

Earlier this year I had the privilege of arranging the flowers for a friend's wedding with my mom, who has an eye for color and is very artistic. I'm so excited to throw it back this Friday to some pictures that the photographer recently shared with me! 

My mom and I arranged and created the five hair pieces worn by the bridesmaids and maid of honor uniquely--that is to say, we kept the same color scheme by using similar flowers for each hair piece, but didn't bother to replicate anything. Each one is a little different, which made them more fun for my mom and I to put together, and for the wedding party to choose which hair piece they wanted to wear. 

The wedding was at the groom's parents' house in the country, which made a for a beautiful outdoor wedding, and which made wild flowers a natural choice for the bouquets.

The couple, Spencer and Michaela, met in high school, and were best friends before they began dating. I love when couples get the opportunity to grow up together. It makes their love story that much sweeter to me because they know deeply not only who the other person is, but who they have been throughout their lives.

Besides the hair pieces, booutonnieres, corsages and bouquets, we also put together the ceremony and reception decor, which the bride wanted to keep simple with mason jars, twine, and individual flowers. It made for a very easy, but fun job!

It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple, and I am proud to have been involved in it. Show out to Engstrom Photos for sharing the album with me!




Point Reyes Styled Shoot

For months I've been prepping this styled shoot, and feel that in the three hours it took to photograph, everything fell into place--and then was over. I guess I'm one to get sentimental over huge projects like this, because already I'm looking at the pictures wishing I could do it over again. 

I started working on this about two months ago, and while my vendors contributed immensely to the project, many of the props used were things I hunted for, purchased, or made from scratch myself. For this reason, I am doubly sentimental, thinking back on how I purchased the dress and completely re-designed it, made the square dummy cakes on the cake table, spent hours shopping for rings, mirrors, and other props, and meticulously planned different shots I wanted taken. All of these things are not part of my regular job-description as a planner, but when no one is actually getting married who can take care of these one else is going to get them done! I ended up incredibly happy with the photos and very proud of myself and everyone involved for the hard work that was poured into this.

Without further ado, here are my favorite photos from the shoot!

style shoot-shoot-0047.jpg
style shoot-shoot-0132.jpg

Vendors Involved

Photography: Caleb Rippetoe,

Flowers: Andrelina Siveira,

Cupcakes: Emmie Luong,

Chalkboards: Rebecca Charlton,

Photo shoot coordinator, wedding gown designer, (square) cake designer: MaKenna Stevens,

Models: Julia Nichols and Joseph Weibe

Location, Point Reyes, California