Your wedding day is coming, and of course, you are going to have a video version of the entire thing. However, a mundane wedding video is just an extremely long film that features the beginning of the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards. The picture quality is far superior to the one we had in the past, but you should also create a more impactful and meaningful video.

Don’t make a casual wedding video, when you can turn the whole experience into a romantic documentary. Basically, you can treat your wedding video like any other feature film and the following article will give you some good reasons to do so.

Wedding Videos Are Also a Story

Your wedding day is itself a story on its own, and if you simply start your video with the footage of the groom and bride, then proceed to the wedding ceremony, then with a long shot of the guests entering the restaurant, and a series of shots of people dancing and people sitting and eating, you've already created a cohesive story. It is how most wedding videos are done, and it can be so much better and much more meaningful.

Your wedding video can tell your whole story in a much better fashion and incite a stronger emotion.  Also, you can use some top quality music, and improve the feeling even further.

Not All of the Moments Are Equally Important

Truth be told, not every second of your video is important, and if you are going to receive raw and unedited footage anyway, you won’t lose anything if you opt for making a wedding movie. If you carefully edit the video, you can have an impactful story that is interesting from start to finish. So, hire someone who is an expert in video editing, like video caddy to create a real movie from your wedding footage. 

Once the wedding is over, you are going to invite your friends and family to watch your wedding video. Sure, you will start and pay attention for a first hour or two, but soon, you’ll start to skip and fast-forward the video. Then, you’ll start to recall the memorable moments and spend hours searching the footage just to find that one moment you wish to see again.

In other words, you can cut the unnecessary footage, and preserve all the important moments, and still not lose any crucial parts from your story structure.  

It’s the Most Important Day of Your Life; You Deserve a Quality Video

Lastly, this is the most important and the happiest day of your life, so creating a real movie-like video will do it justice. You do not want to have a video that will put you to sleep as you watch; you want to go over it again and again! Moreover, it is something you are going to show to your kids, so it is in your interest that they sit through it.

Well, hopefully, this will inspire you to opt for this solution. Create a one of kind experience from your wedding video. It is a good way to have a something that will actually look better than you remember it. You’ll have perfect shots of the first dance, of the wedding ceremony, and it will all be romantic and touching, just like in Hollywood movies.