This is an article I published earlier this year on a blog I started before the launch of my website. You can visit me at Cakes and Ribbons to review some of my earlier writings!

I just enrolled in QC Career School today for my Wedding and Event Planning certification! I am SO excited and have already begun the coursework. My second semester in college also begins in just a couple of weeks, so pretty soon I’ll be as busy as ever–a stark contrast to this phase of post-holiday boredom I seem to be caught up in. I’m sure a few days after my semester begins I’ll be wishing I was bored instead of as busy as six classes, my wedding and event planning course, and four part-time jobs will surely make me.

To celebrate this new development, here are some unique table centerpieces that would be appropriate at various different events!


Flowers too conventional for you? No problem! With just some ribbon and a few handfuls of wheat/grass stalks, you’ll have an extra-ordinary centerpiece to match a rustic, elegant theme.


What a clever, yet so simple idea–flip some hefty wine classes over to not only become chic candle holders, but to trap whatever decoration you desire within each glass’s globe! And it doesn’t have to be flowers either. Gumballs or other candies, ribbon, glass pebbles, a cupcake, a stack of mini macarons or cookies, written wedding vows faced outward for easy reading access, a birds nest complete with fake eggs and a little bird, moss, seashells, sand–the list is nearly endless!


Decorate an elaborate birds cage! Consider hanging it from a small stand to replicate its real, larger counterparts.

(PC Bella Vita Photography)

If birds aren’t your thing, what about a fish bowl? With live fish? That would certainly be unconventional, ideal perhaps for the ocean-enthusiast or beach-themed event.


You can’t go wrong with books. They’re so classic (they go wayyyyy back). Books can be decorated in such a variety of ways that they can be made to suit nearly any event. Add some lace and flowers and you’ve got a Sweet Sixteen themed centerpiece, or the perfect completion to a wedding banquet table; likewise, stack a particularly scholarly group of books with some formal candles for a high school reunion or teachers conference; the choice of adolescent girls books, such as Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandAnne of Green Gables, and Pippi Longstocking, decorated with a teacup or a glass of sugar cubes would also make for a beautiful child’s tea party centerpiece.


This reminds me of Aladdin! What an elaborate and elegant way to dress up a table. Imaginably, these would be wonderful for outside events because of the images of flying away that they inspire, as well as their garden-like flower design.

These are just a few of the unusual centerpieces that are out there. If you have your heart set on something more interesting than a vase of flowers, you definitely have no reason to settle. What's your dream centerpiece?