Weddings are a beautiful thing.

With so much valuable time, such extravagant budgets, and excited passion being poured into each and every wedding we are witnesses to, I believe they all deserve to look and feel effortless. Today's weddings have so many—often overwhelming—moving parts that they absolutely require a behind-the-scenes director to manage the show. 

I believe that it is not enough simply to coordinate a wedding. Weddings require trouble-shooting when things go awry, a quick-thinking person available to handle tasks that other vendors can't immediately address, and someone to clearly communicate with and on behalf of the married couple, the vendors, and the venue. 

When you book me as your planner and coordinator, you don't pay for a list of individually-priced pay for my time and my committed investment in your wedding. I will be there on your wedding day to do whatever I can to ensure that it is perfect, and I want to build a relationship with you along the way.  

Let's plan a dream!


Deluxe Wedding Coordination*

This package includes everything a coordinator does and more. I don’t just coordinate your vendors so things run on schedule…I jump in wherever needed to make sure every problem gets resolved, no task goes undone, and all vendors, guests, brides and grooms are happy. I am the first to arrive for set up on the wedding day and the last to leave after tear down!

This package assumes you will be doing the planning, but I realize you've still probably never done this before! I will be there to guide you through your unique planning process starting as soon as I book your special day! We will have 4 consultations, as well as an on-site consultation together, and you will have access to me via phone, text, and email. You will have access to my Preferred Vendors List, and I will advise you as you work with your vendors and design your personalized wedding itinerary, floor plans, and seating charts. About a month before your wedding, I will take over anything that has yet to be planned, confirm with your vendors, and troubleshoot last-minute details. I will coordinate your rehearsal, meet your families and wedding party, and—of course—oversee your entire wedding day. You’re in great hands.

*Must book 4 or more months prior to wedding date

Basic Wedding Coordination*

This package is perfect for the couple who's planned everything, knows what they're doing, and just needs someone to make things happen on their wedding day. It includes 2 consultations, including a venue walk-through, with access to me via phone, text and email. Together we will finalize your day-of Itinerary and floor-plans, and I'll confirm with your vendors before the big day. I'll coordinate your rehearsal and oversee your wedding day to make sure everything goes according to plan! Available in Oregon locations only.

*This package can only be booked WITHIN 3 months of your wedding date

Full Wedding Planning and Coordination*

This package includes everything listed under Wedding Coordination, and assumes that I will be planning alongside you. We will have monthly consultations starting up to 18 months prior to your wedding date, and I will help you choose your venues and vendors, research and plan your wedding décor designs, manage RSVP’s, help create and manage your Wedding Budget, and advise you on every question you will have. I am here to serve you and make your wedding dreams come true!

*Must book 8 or more months prior to wedding date

Partial Wedding Planning and Coordination

This is a customizable package that we can create together. If you like what you see in one of my Wedding Coordination Packages but there are some items under Full Planning that also interest you, let me know! We can build a personalized package that will suit your exact needs! 

My Call To Action

The longer I spend in the wedding industry, the more I hear about wedding coordinators and planners who have left poor impressions on the guests and vendors they've worked with. I am saddened to continually learn that a job as necessary as wedding coordination has gained such a conflicted reputation through the lacking work-ethics and micromanagement of other coordinators. Even more than it is my passion to plan and coordinate weddings, it is my conviction to change the negative impressions others have left on each and every vendor and guest I encounter by being the first to do what needs doing. As the leader of your vendors on your wedding day, I will strive to be their biggest advocate and to promote teamwork to ensure your wedding runs smoothly, and a wonderful time is had by everyone involved.

Weddings are made or broken by the communication leading up to and during the big day. I will do my absolute best to ensure that there is clear communication, mutual respect, and necessary conflict-resolution between myself, my clients, and their vendors to ensure happy, healthy work-relationships, and—most of all—wonderfully successful weddings.

My Work Policies

I like to say that I don't work for clients, but with them. Without understanding your vision and consulting with you on important issues as they arise, it is difficult for me to plan your wedding knowing that I have made the right decisions. I will aim to work collaboratively with you to ensure that your wedding day matches your vision. 

While I will absolutely look over your contracts with other vendors as they are being considered, I do not sign contracts on my clients' behalf. Clients are fully responsible for vendors they hire to work alongside me. 

I gladly accept payment via cash, check, or Square.

 PC Ty Pentecost Photography.

PC Ty Pentecost Photography.

"MaKenna is five stars all around. She had a hand in shaping our two-day wedding into one epic celebration. First off, MaKenna is organized, communicative, flexible and she has a strong attention to detail. These are all characteristics you have to have in a wedding coordinator. My fiance and I met with MaKenna multiple times leading up to our wedding. At each meeting, MaKenna asked lots of questions, listened even more and took copious notes. I could trust that she had our best interest in mind. She asked enough questions that she could anticipate any potential issues on the day of. That's how you build trust with your clients.

Our two-day extravaganza went down flawlessly thanks to Makenna. I was able to relax and fully enjoy each moment because I could trust that she knew the schedule, who was supposed to be where, and that all the guests were happy. She was making things happen behind the scenes with confidence and grace. No easy feat over 2 days and 120 guests each night.

Don't hesitate to hire her. I would, again."

~ Tolu P.

"MaKenna of Perfectly Planned Moments was wonderful to work with as our Day-of Coordinator. She is the quintessential Professional, who's provided many great insights to help in our decision making based on her years of experiences being the wedding coordinator. Leading up to the big day, MaKenna was working with all of our vendors and made sure all the business aspects were getting handled; contracts were reviewed and signed. MaKenna helped execute our vision of the perfect wedding and made it run as smoothly as it could. She helped orchestrate the schedules of all the vendors; from the Venue, DJ, Flowers, Caterers flawlessly. MaKenna was tough when she needed to be in corralling people and making sure things were running according to plan. MaKenna was very pleasant to work with, she always had a positive and upbeat attitude, with personal touches and a sense of empathy we felt emanating from her when there were times that planning the wedding felt very overwhelming.... MaKenna helped us feel like we are making progress.... Overall, we feel like we couldn't have found a better Day-of Coordinator who matched our vision and our style. We could not have pulled off such a beautiful wedding without MaKenna. I would gladly recommend anyone to work with MaKenna to help plan and coordinate their big day."

~ Katie B.

"Working with MaKenna to plan my wedding has been a dream. When thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator, I hoped to find someone who would help me stick to a schedule and understand the vision had for my wedding. MaKenna has far exceeded these expectations. She worked with my fiance and I to create a checklist month by month that was easy to follow and low stress. She is full of creative ideas but is also respectful to my opinions, visions, and most importantly, the budget! I would recommend MaKenna to any bride or groom in need of a helping hand to plan their wedding or wanting fresh ideas on how to create their dream day."

~ Debbie W.

"All and all a very positive experience. MaKenna is a very easy person to work with and communicates extremely well. I always felt heard in our discussions throughout and know that she will be clear and understanding with her responses. I enjoyed the unshakeable confident and supportive presence that she brings to the table. As issues or conflicts came up she always proves to be a critical thinker and a great problem solver. Several times she was very helpful and successful in giving our wedding planning good momentum. She has a consistent dependable resolve that has proven very advantageous for dealing with this entire process."

~ Evan S.

"I would highly recommend MaKenna at Perfectly Planned Moments! She is an amazing mixture of organizational prowess mixed with creative energy! I found her to be very friendly and easy to work with and yet professional. She was flexible when I needed to change meeting times and punctual to her appointments. I am usually surprised at how quickly she gets things done in a quality fashion! 
I was especially amazed at her grace under pressure! She was so calm and creatively problem solved issues that were beyond her control. I found I could relax, knowing that she is managing everything! MaKenna has worked for me on several occasions and she has always exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a efficient, quality and creative approach to their event!"

~ Dee M.

“MaKenna approached me to create a couple chalkboard signs for a styled wedding shoot she was orchestrating. She gave me a general look and feel for the shoot and allowed me to be creative in my board design—which is always a plus! We shared ideas via Pinterest and finalized details over email. Overall, MaKenna was very receptive and easy to work with.”

~ Rebecca C.