Hello there! My name is MaKenna, and I am delighted that you’re here. I am a driven and innovative person with a fierce love for soft pretzels, deep conversations, and—most of all—weddings. A certified wedding and event planner through QC Event School, I am addicted to orchestrating the hundreds of details that comprise weddings.

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a professional planner…but I’ve always been one. A favorite story my parents like to tell is how I planned a surprise anniversary party for them when I was eight years old. I contacted all of my relatives from my little address book, told them the time and day to show up, and what dish to bring. I got a ride to the store to pick up decorations, baked a cake with a family friend, and—on the day of the party—I found an excuse to get my parents out of the house to make the magic happen. The result was an exciting evening of family and friends celebrating with my very surprised parents.

Since then my zeal for planning, list-making, organizing, and coming up with creative ideas has only continued to develop, along with a special knack for problem-solving. Once I realized wedding and event planning was a full-time profession, I was sold—and thoroughly in love! And having had previous experience in day-of wedding coordination, event catering, event decor, floral design, cake-decorating, and even clothing design, taking on wedding planning couldn't be a more natural choice. 

Feel free to say hello by filling out the contact box below, and ask me any questions you may have!

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